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ACE Funeral Products' caskets are built to exacting specifications and are offered as a great alternative to higher priced funeral products. The ACE product line currently includes metal caskets, wood caskets, featured caskets and urns. Our core line caskets are our best selling models.


Coreline Caskets Metal Caskets
Wood Caskets Urns

Metal Caskets: 18 GA Casket | 20 GA Casket | Stainless Steel Casket | Copper Casket | Bronze Casket 
Solid Wood Caskets:
  Ash Casket | Birch Casket | Cherry Casket | Mahogany Casket | Oak Casket | Pine Casket | Poplar Casket | Orthodox Caskets
Veneer Caskets:  Maple Veneer Caskets | Ash Veneer Caskets | Oak Veneer Caskets | Cherry Veneer Caskets | Pecan Veneer Caskets | Pine Veneer Caskets 
Cremation Caskets · Urns: Cremation Casket | Eco Urns | Metal Urns | Stone Urns | Wood Urns

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