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ACE provides quality made, hand crafted products to funeral homes across North America. 

We have over 27 years of importing experience with nine years specifically in the North American casket business.


Strong relationships with global manufacturers allow ACE to have guaranteed manufacturing cycles for caskets along with dedicated priority shipping with prompt delivery to your door.

Quality products include metal caskets, wood caskets and urns.  

Metal caskets available in 18 gauge steel, 20 gauge steel, stainless steel, copper and bronze metal.

Wood caskets available in solid, veneer and cremation models. Solid wood including mahogany, cherry, maple, ash, oak, and poplar.  Cost effective veneer models are also available in all wood types.

Urns available in eco-friendly materials, as well as metal, wood, and stone.


"Beautiful products,

exceptional value

and customer service

are keys to our

business philosophy."



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Metal Caskets: 18 GA Casket | 20 GA Casket | Stainless Steel Casket | Copper Casket | Bronze Casket 
Solid Wood Caskets:
  Ash Casket | Birch Casket | Cherry Casket | Mahogany Casket | Oak Casket | Pine Casket | Poplar Casket | Orthodox Caskets
Veneer Caskets:  Maple Veneer Caskets | Ash Veneer Caskets | Oak Veneer Caskets | Cherry Veneer Caskets | Pecan Veneer Caskets | Pine Veneer Caskets 
Cremation Caskets · Urns: Cremation Casket | Eco Urns | Metal Urns | Stone Urns | Wood Urns

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